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    A local Eastern North Carolina girl and die-hard Bluegrass/Folk junkie, Erin always has a song stuck in her head and can usually be found humming or whistling a tune. She has been playing the guitar since the age of eleven when her grandfather made her learn to play “The Wildwood Flower” on a hand-me-down guitar before going outside to play. 


   Her childhood was filled with music. As a teenager, Erin (along with a handful of other musicians) started Newport’s Pickin’ in the Park where Erin could be found every Friday night until she left for college. 


   In college, Erin was fortunate to sing and play guitar for NC State’s Bluegrass band - “Wolfgrass.” She has a degree in Nonprofit Management which led her to serving the New Bern community through her career at the YMCA. 


   Erin’s other passions include camping, gardening, her 18 chickens, being outside and spending time with her husband and dogs. 


   She credits her musical talent to her grandfather and Uncle who taught her that just about any song can be played with three chords.

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